Looking for a clean one-page Website and want to sell your Beats via an instant Store like Airbit or Beatstars? Our HTML coded Websites are the perfect solution. Or choose the WordPress Version to have more control and easy access to your Website Dashboard.


Need a new Website for your Business using multiple Pages for your Content? You are at the right place, we got innovative HTML coded and WordPress based Website Development available including high quality Design.


We also offer custom Soundclick Layouts at XLay, custom coding Service and more.

Need something not listed here? Simply let us know about your business below.

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    Request a Quote and connect with our design experts to give you the opportunity to tell us about your business. Provide us with your concept, content and business information and we will do the rest.

    Review and critique our design. You will have up to 3 rounds of reviews ( Sketch/ Design/Final ) to make sure our work is tailored to your business needs.

    Once the design is approved and coded your website goes live!

    Questions and Answers

    First two things you need to get started with your own Website will be a Webhost and a Domain Name. The Webhost is needed to host your Website Files like coded HTML Pages, Images and other Media. The Domain Name is the Link/URL of your Website e.g.

    Depending on the complexity of the custom Project the turnaround time varies. But normally custom Website Projects are finished within 3 Days to 1 Week.

    We offer Websites in different Types.

    One-Page means your Website is just one single page with all content on it like embed player, licensing tables, contact form etc. It can have a menu with navigation tabs, which scrolls the page to the content clicked.

    Multiple Pages means the main Content is on the Frontpage and other things like Drumkits, Videos or Mixing Services got their own Page. This Website comes with a menu for the Pages.

    We provide those Websites as a HTML coded one or as a WordPress Theme to give you more control and easy access to your Website Dashboard, where you can do changes and updates.


    Premade Web Design

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