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Premade One Page Website #072


Choose any Highlight Color you like for this innovative Layout!

Premade one-Page Website including:

+ Page Navigation and Social Media Buttons
+ Textbased Logo
+ Newsline / Discount Info
+ Instant Beat Store by Airbit, Beatstars or any other HTML5 embed Store
+ 4 Licensing Info Boxes
+ Contact Form
+ Mailinglist Signup Form
+ Latest Youtube Video or Playlist
+ Mix and Mastering Info and Button
+ Latest Drumkit with Video (optional for Demo) and Button
+ Social Media Links
+ Production Credits



  • Use this Form to send us all needed Information.

    *Your Name (Header)
    *URL (Header)
    Header Image Background
    Check this box above if you want the Header Image to be without the masked Face.
    Upload your own Logo (optional)

    If you would like to use your own Logo instead of the textbased ( Yourname ), please upload this here.

    *Your Website

    *Web Hosting
    *Hosting Login Name or Email
    *Hosting Login Password
    Please note that and other free website builders, are not a web hosting service and also do not allow custom coded Websites to be added.

    Primary Color
    Default Color is #234B94, if you want a different one, please choose it here.

    Choose Content

    Please activate the Content you need for your Layout.

    Add the Text for your Newsline / Discount Info below.

    Choose an Instant Beat Store Widget. Airbit (formerly MyFlashStore) or BeatStars.

    Choose a Store
    Upload Embed Code

    Please upload your Airbit HTML5 Beatstore Widget code. Upload the created embed Code as a Textfile below.

    Upload Embed Code

    Please upload your Beatstars HTML5 Beatstore Widget code. Upload the created embed Code as a Textfile below.

    Allowed file types: .pdf (PDFescape), .doc, .docx, .odt (OpenDocument)

    Add a Manual Paypal Checkout ( Buy Now Button ) to your Layout.

    Upload your Paypal Button Code below. Check out how to create a Paypal Button Code here.

    Add your different Licensing Terms (to change the Title, start text with new Title in uppercase letters).

    MP3 Leasing Rights
    WAV Leasing Rights
    Trackout Leasing Rights
    Unlimited Leasing Rights

    Let Visitors send you an Email directly from your Website.

    Contact Form Email

    Add a Mailinglist Signup Form to your Layout ( Aweber or Mailchimp ).

    Upload your Signup Form HTML Code as a Textfile below.

    Info Text and Button Link for Mix and Mastering Services.

    Info Text
    Button Text
    Button Link

    Add your latest DrumKit including Video (optional for Demo) and Button.

    DrumKit Name
    DrumKit Subtitle
    Upload your own DrumKit Box Image

    If you have your own DrumKit Box Image, you can upload it here.

    DrumKit Demo Video (optional)
    DrumKit Button Text
    DrumKit Button Link

    Add Links to your Social Network Sites.

    Contact Email
    Facebook Link
    Twitter Link
    Instagram Link
    Youtube Link
    Soundcloud Link

    Adds 5 Production Credit Images to your Layout.

    Credit 1
    Upload Image 1
    Credit 2
    Upload Image 2
    Credit 3
    Upload Image 3
    Credit 4
    Upload Image 4
    Credit 5
    Upload Image 5


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