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NFL Team Colors


NFL Team Colors as a .aco Photoshop File.


An .ACO file is an Adobe Color file, created in Adobe Photoshop, that stores a collection of colors. The name of each color is also saved in this file. You can see the names by hovering the mouse cursor over the color in the Swatches window in Photoshop.

How to use/open

ACO can be opened with Adobe Photoshop in a couple different ways.
The easiest way to open an ACO file is to use the Edit > Presets > Preset Manager, menu item. Change the “Preset Type:” to Swatches and then choose Load, to browse for the ACO file.

Another method is to access the Window > Swatches menu. On the top right of the small window that opens in Photoshop (probably to the right of the program) is a button. Click that button and then choose the Load Swatches… option.


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